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Our Collab - I get to work with some incredible suppliers

So the first time I met Amy - from your wonderful story was at a local wedding fayre, and had the first chance to see all of her beautiful stationary.

in all honesty I had never seen so much variety in style and colours and themes, I wanted to get married again just so I can have some of her stationary.

its full of everything pretty, yet if your a minimal sort of girl then Amy also has that covered. me, I'm the put as much bling and shout about it sort of girl, but its nice that Amy covers lots of styles for lots of brides requests.

so how our Collab came about....through lockdown I've sat and scrolled and scrolled through Instagram, anything related to weddings, makeup or hair and I'm drawn to it. so when I first came across Amy's flat lay pictures of her stationary I was like "I want to do that", a quick message to Amy and we got the conversation of lets do a coffee date and talk everything flat lays, oh yes I'm there!!!

I spent the afternoon having a good old natter and catching up of months of us all being stuck in the house, and got to see her new collection - which is called " The Cassie collection" how freaking amazing.

we used Amy's new collection along with my new accessory range, that I launched in July, to showcase all things pretty working together on a this space ladies I have so many new ideas come from this flat lay date with Amy ha ha ha.

A Flat lay image is basically when you’re shooting items from directly above. Usually, there´s made an effort to arranged or style the elements on a flat surface in an eye-catching way. Flat lays are very pleasing to the eye, creative, inspiring, stylish and a great way to evoke a visual interest to your Instagram followers, and a great way of how to show us in the same industry can support one another in doing little collaborations like this.

many brides will have one or two flat lay pictures in their wedding album, it may be of your shoes and your engagement ring, or your flowers lay flat next to your dress!! after reading this you will see it more clearly how they have always been there but like anything that develops in time we always find new and innovative ways to develop our skills in our doesn't have to be just wedding related. I bet you've seen some mouth-watering food cleverly placed on a plate and some great pictures to really show it off!!

I just love anything that looks girly , pretty, classy, and just screams out "look at me" because lets face it we all buy the product with our eyes...who doesn't love a bit of online shopping?

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