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2021 Bridal hair favourites

There’s been a keen favourite of what styles seem to be favourites for this summer.

there's been many Boho relaxed styles with brides and their bridesmaids wearing half up half down styles with flowing locks or more of a wispy brushed out curl, either way looks beautiful and suits hair of any length.

The posh pony has come up more than a few times proving you can wear a pony with many different style dresses and they all look beautiful, and most of them don't even need to have accessories with.

Another favourite with brides this summer has been a polished textured bun finished off with beautiful accessories and a veil.

my love for accessories is massive as you all know and i just adore anything that sparkles.

I wonder what will be the favourites of next summer 2022 brides?

Cassie xx

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