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Winning Welsh National wedding Awards 2022

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

wow, wow, wow what can i say to this incredible award again - and winning the "Regional best wedding makeup" category was incredible

its an absolute honour to have won such a lovely award title it really does make me all fuzzy inside knowing i only win these prestigious awards by my brides voting for me. it really is appreciated much more than you know.

I build a rapport with my brides from sometimes before they even book me. And once they have secured me for their wedding dates we build a great relationship over 1-2 years of talking all things weddings, hair and makeup - my favourite conversations.

being in the finalist alone is a huge achievement, but to win for the region of North Wales for bridal makeup just blew my mind!!

The night itself....................was epic.

i love how there's a yearly theme with the Welsh national wedding awards event, and this year was the peaky blinders. I'm not normally one for fancy dress, but throw me an outfit with sparkles and glitter and I'm all over it.

we had the most incredible 3 course meal and sitting at a table with mixed suppliers from different locations was lovely to meet others in the wedding business in a different area.

The win

nerves are always a huge thing for me on events like this, and my husband and myself had been super ill the week up to the event and still wasn't feeling 100% great, but Sir David Emanuel shouting out my name as a winner certainly perked me up.

I feel incredibly lucky and humble to win awards and to have the constant support from my beautiful brides, it's because of my brides that my business is growing from strength to strength.

much love

Cassie xx

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