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Our luxury bridal collection

In July 2020 I launched Cassie M Bridal Accessories - luxury bridal hair accessory collection. I am obsessed with anything sparkly or pretty that looks beautiful in bridal hair (I'm like a magpie)

with this in mind this is where our Accessory range idea was born, for years of supplying beautiful bridal hair and makeup packages for many brides i have seen so many different styles of hair accessories that brides bring on their trials, or that they merely struggle picking the perfect hair accessory for their wedding hair.

my idea is to bring to brides a wide selection of luxury items at an affordable cost- this is where i decided to offer our collections as a purchase and rental price too. if you feel you wont use your accessory again and your not the sentimental person who keeps everything as its a part of your memorable day, why not just rent your perfect hair piece? its half the price of the purchase price and you still get your gorgeous hair with the stunning hairpiece and not the expensive price tag to go with it.

Hair Vines - are incredibly comfortable and versatile, and can be worn in many different ways. Suited to a variety of hairstyles.

if your wanting flowing curls with a woven hair vine, or Boho style braided hair with a hair vine headband these are beautiful for such styles.

Hair Pins - A perfect accompaniment to any up-do style and some down hairstyles. A range of delicate and petite to stargazing dazzlers.

Rose gold collection - a very popular request for lots of bridal styles. The beautiful rose gold colours will extenuate your natural beauty with eye catching designs.

Hair Slide - our hair slides includes the big bling to the minimal and pretty. These styles can be worn in many ways in different hairstyles, and hair colours

Tiara / Headband - For the bride wanting her crown for the day, or the bride with her unique sidepiece headband. Our exclusive range includes the big and sparkly to the delicate and understated.

Bespoke made - we do a bespoke service designed just for you- our luxury pearl encrusted headband is the ultimate luxury for the modern bride. chunky headbands are very popular at the moment and with a different twist on it to be bespoke to you, we can make it to your specification on colour, design and style. if chunky with big pearls is not your thing, why not try our thin band with petite pearls and crystals instead.

our headbands are handmade with a 3 week turnaround, and made with only the best pearls and crystals. we use genuine swarovski pearls to give you the ultimate elegance.

take a look at our full collection on our web shop

any bespoke enquiries you have please email



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