What will happen on the return of weddings?

Hi ladies I’m so excited to be finally starting back with weddings, although this year may be similar to last year in terms of family members and reduced numbers and even restrictions- I mean we are pretty much all used to it really now with masks and sanitiser. but I wanted to write a little post about what will be happening in future in regards to your hair and makeup on your special day.

as always I want you to have the best possible experience on your wedding day, the same as every other bride gets. to be pampered , have the luxury feel and experience on your special day and to make the most of the morning with your bride squad.

so from April 12th all close contact services resume so this means makeup is back on for brides- I know this has been a worry for many of you.

there will be a few rules still in place for some time, such as masks to be worn whilst having your hair done, and a limit on how many people are aloud in the room whilst the wedding prep is being done. I will also have a QR code for you to scan for everyone who will be having hair or makeup services, but if you don't have a smart phone not to worry i will also have a paper form log too.

We also will be allowing extra time for extra cleaning and hygiene services for our services to ensure everyone's safety, apart from that all is the same and you will have the most fabulous wedding morning.

any questions or worries please pop me a message I will happily answer all your question's

so lets bring on the fabulous 2021 hair and makeup, I can not wait to start with all your trials soon.



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