The Perfect Bridal Skin Prep

Now if I had a pound for every time a bride to be said to me "I hope you can hide my spots" I would be one rich woman right now!

And ladies hiding your spots is not the answer - well don't get me wrong I can hide them, but how about if you had no spots to need to hide!!

I for one have never been a woman who has had facials, use whatever cheap moisturiser I can get from boots, and most of the time I forget to put it on, along with forgetting to take my makeup off after nights out!!! so its no wonder iv had bad skin over the years.

Since iv been going to Sophie at Miss Lili Beauty my skin is absolutely incredible, I no longer have massive breakouts, and with having regular Dermaplan on my face I have noticed a massive difference to the way my makeup looks when I do put it on, it looks flawless.

I can hear you saying "I want that for my skin" and you can have it.

Honestly I don't believe in trying to sell things to people they don't need, and I'm no advocate for buying and promoting expensive facial products as I too do not spend that on my own face.

I do however invest in my skin now with having regular facials with Miss Lili beauty and the results are incredible, just take a look for yourself below.

I really believe that investing a little in your bridal skin prep before your big day can give you maximum results, not just for your wedding day but in general skin health day to day.

and I mean your spending a lot of money on your wedding day, why shouldn't you have perfect skin and feel like you've had a pamper.

want to know more? go and speak to Sophie- with a no obligation to purchase phone consultation click HERE

much love



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